Packing Tips

When packing, make sure to pack one room at a time grouping similar items together, this will make unpacking easier. Mark the content of each box clearly on its side as well as the room it will be going into and make sure to fully tape your boxes shut.

  • Small boxes (about 1.5 cubic feet) are used for heavy items such as books, magazines, tools, compact discs and records.
  • Medium boxes (about 3.0 cubic feet) are used for pots and pans, shoes, linens, small appliances and lamp shades.
  • Large boxes (about 4.5 cubic feet) are used for folded clothes, towels, bedding, larger pots and pans and miscellaneous larger items.
  • Extra large boxes (about 6.0 cubic feet) are used for large light items such as pillows, wicker baskets and large lamp shades.
  • Dish Packs (about 5.0 cubic feet) are used for breakables such as dishes, vases, and other glass items. Make sure to wrap each item individually with either paper or bubble wrap before placing it in the box. Make sure to place heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones at the top to prevent them from getting crushed. Plates should be placed at the bottom of the box standing on end and facing the wall.
  • Mirror cartons (small and large) are used for flat pieces of glass such as table tops, mirrors, pictures and paintings. Wrap each piece individually with either paper pads, sheets or even a towel and insert into the box. Also, crumble some paper and place it inside the box to eliminate movement during transport. Most mirror cartons will accommodate more than 1 piece per box.